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Over the years, Attorneys On Demand has established long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with appearance counsel nationwide. We built our network through a careful selection process. Attorneys On Demand ensures that participating attorneys' compliance requirements are met.

  • how it works

    Accepting an appearance assignment is easy. Our dedicated team will contact you when a new assignment is available. We will provide you with the location, details of the case, and any other applicable information.

  • You can also choose to be alerted and accept assignments using our online tool.

    Once you have accepted, all pertinent information will be provided to you, including the opportunity to discuss the hearing specifics with AOD and our client.

  • After the hearing has been completed, you must submit a detailed results report to us online, within 12 to 24 hours.

    It is that easy!

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Read what some of our attorneys have to say:

  • “I have found AOD to have a courteous, professional and competent staff. They are easy to work with and they provide me with the documents that I need to effectively handle my assignments. AOD has increased my volume of work and I hope to continue to have a working relationship with them for the remainder of my career.”

    – Kenneth (NY)

  • “The case managers and other staff I work with are superb. AOD does their best to accommodate the needs of appearance counsel by scheduling cases in a way that benefits appearance counsel, AOD and the referring firms. The Appearance Management System is fantastic! In addition to easy access to documents and case information, the available reports make it easy for me to track my assigned cases and view my commissions earned. In the end, it's the staff at AOD that makes the difference – if I have a question or a need regarding an assignment, they get the job done in a timely manner.”

    - Mark (TX)

  • “AOD allows me to do what I am best at doing - gaining in Court advancement of the Client's rights! As for the team, I really like them, especially the Florida Coordinator. She is ALWAYS friendly, personable, and helpful. I am always willing to help her and company meets their demands. As a result I have better communication with the Clients, friendliness by the Staff, and better provision of instructions and provision of documents in a timely manner as so I can prepare to "Win for the Clients!"”

    – Charles (FL)

  • “AOD helps to supplement my work by allowing me to represent clients at times in which I already have hearings scheduled. Since collections are a big part of my practice this is most welcome as it best utilizes my time. AOD provides for personalized service in contacting me concerning cases and allows for easy interaction for reporting the results of those cases. I greatly appreciate the AOD referrals that I receive.”

    – Jawn (IN)

  • “I enjoy working with all of the staff at Attorneys On Demand over the past couple of years. They are all very friendly and courteous. They also answer any questions regarding upcoming hearings in a very timely manner.”

    – Thomas (IN)

  • “Working with AOD has allowed me to experience new areas of the law I might not otherwise have worked in, while making contacts with attorneys in other parts of the state. I feel like I'm offering a valuable service to the attorneys and their clients by appearing in the more rural and remote courts that are accessible to me. The support staff at AOD is always there to clear up any questions that might come up and ensure the needed documents are available for a hearing. However, I rarely find the need to call because the web site makes it so easy to accept an assignment, get the information I need on a case, download and print documents for hearings and trials, and upload documents and results afterwards.”

    – Toby (CA)

  • “I have heard many attorneys that they use Attorneys On Demand for their appearance needs because their web site is easy to use and saves time. I have been representing Attorneys On Demand's clients for over 12 years. Because I am given all the appearance work in one courthouse and appear there every day, I built relationships with all the judges (and almost more importantly, all the clerks). The judge depends on the work I have shown in his courtroom over a long period of time and trust what I'm saying. If an attorney of record finds a procedural problem on a case, I can often find a solution through a clerk's help.”

    – Maureen (CA)

  • “I have been working with AOD for at least three years as a per diem attorney. What I enjoy most and how I have benefited has been the availability of prompt and timely updates on cases before the scheduled Court appearances, and of course having a prior case summary has been greatly helpful. I have also benefited from being able to cover cases from almost start to finish on most matters. I have become a better attorney due to the exposure to the many varied cases and arguments that I have made as a per diem attorney working with AOD.”

    – Edward (NY)

  • “AOD has some of the best people working in the legal business. I have worked with them in Foreclosure representation and other debt related matters. AOD has an efficient, streamlined, and up to date method of working. I am always well prepared for my cases because of the way information is provided to me by AOD. I have handled hundreds of cases with AOD, and have always been able to reach staff with zero wait times. This is particularly important when I'm at COURT and information needs to be constantly updated or verified. It is a great company with a great work ethic.”

    – Rakesh (NY)