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What is a Local Counsel Service?


When it comes to hiring an attorney, most people are initially overwhelmed by the sheer volume of law offices available. Should you choose a special counsel service with someone who has expertise in one particular area? Many people prefer the idea of opting for a local counsel service. It can help to understand the subtle nuances and basic benefits of a local counsel service before you settle on an attorney.

According to the American Bar Association, hiring local counsel is a must for every trial. Even if you hire a specialty lawyer in addition to local counsel, the expense of having someone who is intimately familiar with the court system can be very worthwhile. Here are a few things you need to think about before deciding whether local counsel services are for you.

What is a local counsel service?

A local counsel service is someone who is extremely familiar with the local court system, the people involved, and the due process of the law for that particular area. This often comes into play when the client who is on trial lives in an area other than the one where they are having the hearing. Clients often prefer to hire lawyers who live closer to their own home to represent them, even though it may be costlier in the end. Alternatively, they may have to look for a representative further away if they are in search of a lawyer with a unique specialized area of expertise.

Are local counsel services better?

This does not necessarily mean that a local counsel service is better than an attorney who lives elsewhere. However, they do hold a substantial advantage over a visiting counselor. One of the biggest benefits a local counselor has is that they often know the relationships between other attorneys, the judges, and even the paralegals that work among the different firms in the area. This could be essential to have biased personnel removed from a particular case. Relationships play an important role in the outcome of some trials.

Apart from the relational aspect of opting for local counsel services, you must also consider whether your visiting lawyer will know the local rules. A trial can easily go awry if an attorney does not submit evidence properly or file a motion with the required period of time. A local attorney is better versed in the rules and procedures for the court system in a given area. They should be counted on to give advice regarding local customs and regulations when the other lawyer is from a different area.

It might seem like justice should be the same everywhere in the country, but the reality is that there are different ways to go about achieving it. A local counsel service is the best option to ensure that you will not be hurt by the various customs and legal differences of a particular court. With Attorneys on Demand, you can quickly and easily hire highly experienced attorneys who are local to your area!