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How to Be More Effective in a Court Appearance

Attorney with Client in Court

The way you present yourself to others can be a major determining factor in the outcome of your court case. First impressions can be essential to your court appearance, but your first impression consists only of seven percent of the words you say. The rest is determined by your appearance, composure, personality, and overall tone of voice. A lot can be determined by the way you present yourself to someone for the first time, including the judge in your next court appearance.

Experienced attorneys know that a few small suggestions can often go a long way toward improving your overall efficacy when your hearing arrives. If you want to make a great impression but aren’t sure how, here are a few guidelines to help.

Dress professionally

Your outfit makes a statement about who you are before you ever open your mouth to speak. Be sure to wear business professional clothing without crazy fashion items. You want to look timeless, classic, and modest in this setting. Steer clear of outfits that expose too much skin, such as low-cut blouses or short dresses. Do not use your court appearance as an opportunity to attempt the latest fashion styles.

Wait your turn to speak

Refraining from interrupting other people when they speak is a great lesson in every area of life. In the courtroom, it is even more important to demonstrate respect for others. Keep in mind that you do not always have the right to speak, so you need to wait until you are directly addressed. Even if you strongly disagree with something another attorney says or something the judge shares, you do not have the right to interrupt or correct them.

Make sure to use the appropriate titles

You don’t want anyone to feel like you don’t respect them when you have a court appearance. This means that you need to know everyone’s proper titles, such as Mr. Walker or Ms. Jones. Even if this might not be how you would address them in real life, they should be referred to by their proper titles in court. Remember that the judge is always addressed as “Your Honor” and not by name.

Take your court hearing seriously

This isn’t the time to roll out your latest series of jokes. Your court appearance needs to be taken seriously, so do your best to maintain a professional tone during your time in court. This means that you want to hold all laughter in, to speak without slang, and to do your best to tell the entire truth during your time on the stand. Keep your composure even when you feel angry or upset.

With these four expert tips, you can make a much more effective appearance during your next court hearing. Attorneys on Demand has experienced attorneys that will prepare you for your hearing. Allow us to help provide you with an attorney that can give you the advice you need to make a more successful court appearance.