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Why Use a Special Appearance Lawyer

Attorneys Appearing in Court

As cliche as it is, the idea that life is a rollercoaster is grounded in reality. There are ups and downs and loop-de-loops that you might not have even noticed until they’re right in front of your face. We work around this by being grounded in good habits, by surrounding ourselves with a stable support network, and by finding ways to prepare for the unexpected. As an attorney, these ups and downs don’t just affect you; they can affect your clients and your fellow attorneys. Special appearance attorneys are here to help you in the best and the worst of times; let’s look at how.

The most obvious reason to get an appearance attorney is that something has gone awry, and you can’t make an appearance. You might have a family emergency, or you might have health problems that render you incapable of making an appearance; you’ll need to find someone to cover the appearance for you, with almost no notice. You’ll need that person to live in the area, and be ready and able to quickly learn about the case. Attorneys on Demand provides appearance attorneys throughout the United States, and with as little as 24 hours of notice, we can partner you with an appearance attorney who will give the case their full attention.

Now for the less well-known reasons to get an appearance attorney. Attorneys who have done most of their work in a single courthouse understand the advantages of staying in one place; you get to know the staff, from reception to the judges. Going to a courthouse when you don’t know the procedures, you don’t know the staff, you don’t know the building; it’s a daunting experience. Special appearance attorneys who can work as local counsel can seriously help you in these situations - they can represent your client’s needs, without having to worry about learning to navigate a new courthouse. Local customs can differ vastly across the United States - we’re not a small country, after all, and our history is storied . Take advantage of local experience.

Here’s another unexpected advantage that appearance attorneys can bring you. Let’s say you’re a renowned lawyer, who is very well known for bringing class-action lawsuits against businesses with shady practices. As soon as a business sees you representing a client, they’re going to start preparing a countercase, using all the resources at their disposal; you might not want to tip your hand if one of your clients’ has a tangential case. You can use special appearance attorneys to go to the courthouse and represent your client for you, obscuring your involvement with the client, and allowing you to pursue their best interests without the corporation catching onto what you’re doing before the time is right. You can extrapolate from this a number of other reasons you might want to conceal your involvement with a particular client at first; appearance attorneys have your back.