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How Trial Experience Wins Court Appearance


Most people already know that an experienced attorney is going to have a better track record than a newbie. Unfortunately, clients don’t always understand just how important trial experience is when it comes to a court appearance. It can be easy to mistake years in practice for actual experience in the courtroom. Many lawyers can make a living doing little more than filing paperwork and settling lawsuits outside of the courtroom. However, this doesn’t bode well for any future court appearances.

Trial experience plays a major role in how well a court appearance can go. Here are just a few of the ways that experienced trial attorneys can win more court appearances.

Less Anxiety Over Court Proceedings

One of the easiest things that new lawyers get caught up in is the anxiety over court proceedings. This nervousness can rattle them to the point that they forget their opening statements, the purpose of the hearing, and even various points that they wanted to make. An attorney without trial experience may have to focus so hard on the actual court proceedings that they let things fall through the cracks during an appearance. On the other hand, an experienced lawyer feels more comfortable and at ease with the surroundings. This allows them to have a better hearing that is more likely to end in a favorable outcome.

Better Judgment

An appearance attorney often has very little time to familiarize themselves with a new case before a hearing. You want someone with trial experience because they tend to have better judgment and instinct about the proper way to handle the case. Judgment is considered one of the essential skills for a lawyer to have. While some attorneys may naturally have excellent judgment about cases, many of them need trial experience to gain that insight.

Improved Relationships

Local counsel is typically one of the most effective ways to win a case. They tend to know the judge, the opposing counsel, and even the other professionals who work in the courthouse. An attorney with trial experience can leverage some of these relationships to create a more successful case. Lawyers with trial experience will know which things they can and cannot say in front of these professionals during a hearing. Of course, the only way that you can develop those relationships is through firsthand experience in the courtroom.

Better Presentation

A new attorney who has very little trial experience often struggles to know the proper courtroom etiquette. Unfortunately, these first impressions can make a major difference in how successful your overall trial will be. An appearance attorney who doesn’t know how to carry themselves well in front of the judge, jury or general audience is unlikely to create a stellar first impression that could make a difference in the outcome of the hearing.

When you are headed to a hearing, you need to make sure that your appearance attorney has trial experience. Attorneys on Demand can help you or your law firm to find court appearance professionalswho have the experience you need in your local area. Contact us today to see how we can help your next hearing go a little smoother!