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Hiring Local Counsel: Who are they and why is it important?


Imagine that you're sitting inside a courtroom. Everyone is wearing suits and the males are dressed in shiny, black shoes. You might have the ability to check your reflection in their shoes. You're waiting for the court judge to enter who likely will arrive donned in a black robe. Everyone in attendance probably will stand up as the judge enters. It's all extremely formal.

All of a sudden, you turn and into the room strolls a guy dressed in cowboy boots and a big hat. He's an attorney. As a matter of fact, he's your attorney. How are you going to feel about that?

Must abide by unspoken rules

A courtroom may be like a high school. There's an unspoken dress code. One unspoken rule is that the attorney shouldn't stand out as being different from the others.

It's the reason you employ local counsel - in order to avoid having the attorney appear like the man in cowboy boots and the big hat in the court. It's possible to keep the attorney in the cowboy boots and huge hat if you want to. He's likely pretty good. As a matter of fact, the attorney in the cowboy boots and big hat might be one of the best out there. Just do not allow him to appear unescorted by local counsel. There are several things that local counsel may do to assist you to blend in.

Local counsel will probably know the judge

It's actually important for the attorney to know the judge, and for him to know the attorney. It's why local attorneys serve on committees and attend judicial receptions and bar functions. That knowing nod from the judge as your local counsel strolls into the room is critical. It says, "I know you". "You're part of the community. You aren't the man in the huge hat who's here only for this one court case. You'll be here tomorrow. We'll see one another once again, so you must behave."

Local counsel is familiar with all local rules

There are state rules that govern state courts. There are federal rules that govern federal courts. In addition, there are local rules for every individual court. Specific judges have their very own rules. It's likely that the local counsel hired will be familiar with the local rules well; the man in the big hat might not.

Local Counsel: They have connections

When the time comes, local counsel is going to have the ability to find a good mediator. She or he will be familiar with reporters. They'll probably have an office that has a conference room you can use. Local counsel helps you locate a hotel. Local counsel ought to know all of the great dining establishments and take you to dine when you arrive to town for a trial or hearing.

For more information on hiring local counsel feel free to contact the experienced attorneys for local counsel Attorneys on Demand today!