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Expanding Your Firm


For a new, up and coming business, too much work is the best kind of problem. You have to scale up, expand, find new employees and improve your infrastructure. Fortunately, you'll have some capital to do that; after all, you're getting a lot of clients who want to do business, and that's why you're stretched a little thin! There's no doubt that hiring new staff is the best way to go; you want expansion to be scalable, so contracted employees are a temporary solution. For law firms, they're a solution worth looking at while you vet for the best lawyers to work with you.

Scaling can be particularly tricky when you're a new firm; you want to take on as many clients as possible, but overburdening yourself will give you a bad reputation. You need to be able to provide high quality service, but your resources will be stretched thin, especially if you're a sole practitioner to start. It can be especially overwhelming to take on a client, only later to realize there are scheduling conflicts in which you're expected to make two appearances at once.

There are a few ways you can tackle an overabundance of clients. First, you can consider referring particularly large cases to another firm; that can establish you as a trustworthy practitioner who isn't afraid to admit when too much is too much, and can create a good relationship with the other firm. It does, however, carry the obvious disadvantage of no longer having that client on the books. You can turn down work altogether, but that's money out of your pocket. You can try to find new staff quickly, but you might find you're unable to do so expediently enough, and you want to take your time finding the right people. You can find another attorney to help you out on a temporary basis, but your own network might be taxed by their own ambitions.

Court appearance professionals are a practical way of handling some of the extra burden that you might have on your shoulders. Attorneys on Demand is a resource that allows you to find an appearance attorney to handle any appearance or hearing that your schedule might not allow you to make. This can be particularly useful if an appearance is far from your practice; the time it takes to make it to the court is valuable, and could be used to prepare another case. Attorneys on Demand finds local attorneys for the appearance, so you don't have to travel for hours in order to make a hearing.

This type of service is perfect for a business that's scaling up because the attorneys are hired on a temporary basis; that gives you the breathing room you need to find the perfect team and realize your dreams. Scaling up can be difficult, but the use of contracted services like Attorneys on Demand gives you time; and with clients pouring into your business, time is exactly what you need.