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Convenience Attorney

We live in a world full of quick luxuries. You want to eat, heat up a frozen burrito in the microwave, or order takeout. You want to get somewhere, no need to walk; drive there, or better yet, call an Uber. You want to see your parents, you don’t need to drive for 45 minutes in heavy traffic; you can use FaceTime and see them as though they were really right in front of you, spend the 45 minutes you’d have spent driving with them, then end the call. Everything is available at the click of a button.

This level of convenience has incredible advantages, but it’s not all upside; because everyone else knows how convenient everything is, you’re held to a different standard. Even if you’d really like to see your parents face to face, you might be expected to do work instead; FaceTime to save time has become the standard. In some ways, the level of convenience that we have has meant we’re expected to do more work, because the time savings are built-in to the schedule. Conference calls, emails, instant messaging; because these things are so easy to use, our to-do list actually begins to pile up with more and more items.

When you’re a lawyer, this can become particularly onerous very quickly. To be sure, there are administrative and legal assistants available to take on some of the work, but there are a plethora of items only you can handle. This can become incredibly taxing, but you know you owe a duty of good service to your clients; you want to help them get the best out of their cases, so you’ll answer the e-mails they all conveniently sent you between the convenient video conferencing and the convenient text messages from your peers while stopping at the convenience store for a quick snack between your work.

The ease-of-access lifestyle we live means your schedule is absolutely packed, and that means there’s not a lot of wiggle room for surprises and errors. If all of the sudden a high-profile client absolutely needs your resources, you don’t want to miss a court appearance for another client. When a family emergency happens, you want to be there to comfort and care for your loved ones, but you still have a responsibility to those who have entrusted you with their legal problems. You need a convenient way of stepping away from your hectic schedule once in a blue moon; you need convenience that works for you.

NWith Attorneys on Demand, you’ll find the convenience you need when you can’t make an appearance. You fill out a brief attorney appearance request, and we’ll pair you with an experienced appearance attorney. We’re available 24/7 to handle all kinds of appearances and hearings, and we’ll find you a match quickly, so you can breathe easy. It’s about time convenience starts working for you, instead of increasing your workload; when you need someone you can trust to take a load off your shoulders, trust Attorneys on Demand.