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How Can You Benefit from The Use of Local Appearance Attorneys?


In this post we will go over how to benefit from the use of local appearance attorneys:

Relegate all routine matters

Typically, companies have retained counsel all throughout the country. However, as the client, it is possible to require that legal firms representing you identify categories and types of hearings that may be dealt with by local appearance attorneys. You will want the legal firms working on substantive matters, and not the more routine matters and hearings. You will save a lot of money by relegating those situations to local representation who does not bill hourly, yet on a flat rate.

Local counsel is not suitable for every case

A few matters simply are not suitable for anyone other than the lawyer of record to handle. It is possible to easily identify what category of hearings for certain kinds of cases ought to be dealt with by appearance counsel. In addition, this ensures better value for all of your legal spend.

Engage CXOs within the decision-making process

The choice to engage local counsel goes beyond the legal department. Working closely with the CLO, CTO, CFO, and others, businesses may realize significant savings which go right to the bottom line. The choice ought to include anyone who is involved in bottom line, big picture decisions.

Integrate so you can realize efficiencies

Be certain that the hearing coverage provider you join with may integrate with your case management system. Plus, it will permit your legal support team to be more valuable and efficient by concentrating on more substantive matters and less time consuming, administrative projects.

Demand large, think small

Most highly skilled, but smaller, legal firms and lawyers are searching for methods of growing their billable hours. Search for a local counsel provider who has a national network of local lawyers.

Require expertise

Require lawyers who serve as local counsel to have a minimum of 3 years of relevant expertise; some are going to have a 10 or more years of experience.

Compliance platform

All local counsel providers ought to perform quarterly bar status verification checks, background checks, and other protective steps, which include maintaining professional malpractice and liability insurance, to make sure you are protected.

Search for secure IT solutions

In order to comply with federal and state privacy laws join with a provider with a disaster recovery plan, a robust IT platform, and documented procedures and policies. All documents and correspondence for every reservation ought to be stored and relayed over secure IT networks.

Become familiar with local counsel

To be sure, you will begin as strangers. However, as partners and professionals, relationships will grow. Furthermore, it is incumbent upon the hiring lawyer whether in-house or in a legal firm to prepare, instruct, and supervise appearance counsel like they would a lawyer from their own law team. It will stand to reason that the more you inform and engage with appearance counsel, the more you’ll see them as your advocate and an extension of your law team.

For more information on how you can benefit from the use of local appearance attorneys contact the experienced attorneys for local counsel at Attorneys on Demand today!