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Marketing Your Law Firm

Attorneys Appearing in Court

You’ve started your own law firm. You might be a solo practitioner, you might have a partner. You might want to expand quickly, or you might just want to fill a niche in your town. No matter what your goal is for your firm, good marketing is going to be the key to getting new clients in the door, and increasing your profits. How to market your firm will depend quite a bit on what exactly it is you do - are you a take-all-comers general firm, or have you established a niche? We’ll look at some of the more effective ways you can market to create a real presence in your community.

Establish Yourself

The best way of marketing your firm is to get a good reputation. That means battling valiantly to ensure your clients needs are met, and doing everything you can to get good results. For small firms, that often means selecting choice few clients, and dedicating all of your resources to them. This will help you spread the good word - potential clients trust word of mouth over traditional advertising . Encourage clients with whom you’ve had positive experiences to leave reviews for you on Avvo , Google, and other sites; establishing good ratings online is a modern-day key to marketing. There might be times when you’ve found you’ve spread yourself too thin; avoid bad reviews from missed appearances by using court appearance professionals, who can cover appearances in case of emergencies.

Get a Great Website

Unless folks have enjoyed this blog so much that they’ve printed it out (then I’d feel like I’d really made it as a blog writer), you’re reading this online. Most everyone does their reading, their research, and even their decision making online - the whole buying cycle has been digitized. That means you need a great website in order to attract people to your firm. Getting a great website involves a couple of steps; designing it so it looks and works like you want it to, and using search engine optimization to get your website to the top page of search engines, so people will find it. You should outsource this work to firms who specialize in the domain; it’s a lot of work, and you should focus on your cases.

Use Social Media

Advertising these days is all about content creation; to be totally transparent, that’s one of the reasons that we try to write engaging blogs for attorneys of all stripes. When you’re creating useful, interesting content for your clients, and posting that content on social media, it can get shared. When your content gets shared, more people will click links to your firm, which gives you a double dose of goodness - it increases the number of people who might contact your firm, and it increases the likeliness search engines will place your firm towards the front page. Content creation and social media go hand in hand; you’re a specialist, so make content that no one else has made, and you’ll be golden.