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Freelance Law

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Here’s a wild statistic for you: if current trends continue, the majority of work in the United States will be freelance. How this will change the economy remains unsure; after all, we’re still in the process of transitioning into the gig economy, and the information revolution shows no signs of slowing. Every industry is affected by this change, and that’s especially true of any service related business. From accountants to attorneys, everyone is going digital and joining the gig economy; what does that mean for you, and your law firm?

One of the most important advantages freelance attorneys bring to your firm is flexibility. Hiring staff is a commitment; if you end up hiring a lot of staff during a busy season, and then have to part ways with them when business slows, it can cause a lot of problems. Depending on the terms you come to with attorneys who join your firm, it may be extremely difficult to part ways, even if you’re running low on liquid funds. Freelance attorneys give you the ability to increase your capacity during busy seasons, without making commitments that might be difficult to keep.

Freelance attorneys can do a lot of different work for you. Let’s say your law firm is just starting, and you’ve taken on a case that you don’t have as much experience with as you’d like. You can get in touch with a freelance lawyer who works as a consultant on the branch of law you’re unsure about. You can bring the case to them, and they can help you do the research and create a compelling case for your client, as well as to evaluate how to negotiate during plea bargaining.

Remote work is a term we often hear associated with freelancing; the attorneys you might get in touch with will probably be working from home. This is often construed as a bit of a disadvantage for the person hiring, but not so in law; freelance work can actually expand the scope of your firm, in a territorial sense. Let’s say you live too far away from a particular courthouse to make an appearance; you can hire a special appearance attorney who lives near the courthouse and knows the staff to make the appearance for you. In the same way, if an emergency comes up and you can’t make an appearance, freelance attorneys can represent your client for you.

Why would an attorney choose to work freelance? There are a lot of reasons. The same flexibility freelance work provides to employers is provided to the freelancers themselves: they can work from the comfort of their homes, they can take a vacation at any time they want, they can work as much or as little as they choose. That means it’s particularly nice for parents who want more time with their children, semi-retired folks, and a number of other people who appreciate having greater control over their lives. There are advantages to freelance law for everyone; you can benefit too!